The Compleat Laurie Sain


eLearning has a bad rap, because most designers don’t understand its power and potential.  

I do, because it’s how my mind works:

Non-linear. Creative. Simplifying the complex. Seeing concepts as models.

I exercised those skills at Ninth House Network, where I was officially the Content Diva (read: Director of Content).

I still consult in elearning, and it’s one training area I want to continue to explore, because I have simplified elearning to its most fundamental:

learn it while you do it.

Most recent project: an elearning module for Kaiser Permamnente Hawaii, with Upper Diamond.


Learning Theory circa 1980s:
Acquire * Check * Practice * Apply

Learning Theory Circa Today (according to most everyone else):
Acquire * Check * Practice * Apply

Learning Theory According To Me:

Acquire * Check * Practice * Apply/Acquire

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