The Compleat Laurie Sain


There are a million ways to do anything,
 and every culture 
only uses one.

Since 1988, I’ve traveled all over the world, often on horseback.

Favorite people place: India. Americans can learn a lot about how to have a party there. When they celebrate, everyone comes.

Favorite adventure place: Kenya. Saw a hippo born. Saw a Masai boy become a warrior through circumcision. Note to self; Rain on the Serengeti makes rain anywhere else seem like spit.

Paris is the best. Why can’t the US have cheese like that? Life is not fair.

What I learned: People everywhere want pretty much the same thing: Make a decent living. Have a little fun. Help their kids to have a better life. 

I’m fascinated by the French Revolution. One of my projects: an  interactive map of the country, the  events, the people, and the battles. Vive La France!

What a map of the world would look like if Australia ruled the world.

Mouse around. Click on a date (L) or subject (R). Or, to see everything, keep clicking here.