The Compleat Laurie Sain


In 2008, my professional life burned to the ground.

I was driving to the next town to pick up fencing, using a borrowed flatbed. In town, I saw that my office building (the oldest false front wooden and tin building in Wyoming)  was on fire, and the firemen had blocked off the street.  

 I thought, Well, I only have this trailer for a day, and there’s not much I can do here.

I went and got fence.

My office held everything: three computers, my father’s paintings, my wind-up toy collection, my Chilean wood stirrups, my horse’s ribbons, my little first editions collection, work samples, and - waiting for reorganization - the digital backups of 30 years of writing work.  

I won’t say it was easy. But the insurance settlement meant I could start over. And I did so with enthusiasm. I bought art supplies. I began to paint.

Life is experience -- 
the rest is residue.
Re-Versioning Your Life: 
You 2.0

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I’ll never think about fire in the same way.  Rome. The library at Alexandria. My  little office.

I even started a blog: