The Compleat Laurie Sain


I began to explore both science and art.

Magic and wonder only happen when you let go of the outcome, and invest in the process.

I made murmurations small, at first, business-card size, and they began to sell in a local gallery.  

Now I’m experimenting with big. If I maintain my meditative state, if I just follow the rules, will the murmurations appear when the canvas is huge?

Is there an end to it? Is there a beginning?

There’s more to explore here for me.





A chance encounter with the photos of Richard Barnes introduced me to magic images of the murmurations of starlings.

How can thousands of individual birds, following three simple rules, create such magic?

I adapted the rules to paint, and whoa - the murmurations began to appear on paper. Like magic. As long as I stayed in this Zen-like state, and followed the rules.

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