The Compleat Laurie Sain


It’s time to go beyond training.

I’ve been a professional instructional designer and elearning specialist for 30 years.

My clients say I am one of the best Instructional Designers in the country. I’ve pretty much done it all. My creative background, writing experience and plain old hard work helped me along.

Also, I hate training. That’s what makes me such a great designer, because I have

no patience for boring experiences. While I design, I pity for the poor learners,

who just want to get their work done

or be better at their job or life.

Now I want to create interactive tools that are better than training.

I’ve got a whole new approach to interactive learning, based on my 30-years’ experience and my own impatience as a learner.

Clients: Union Pacific (they were fun!), AchieveGlobal, IBM (who hasn’t?), Huthwaite, Fidelity Group,  Apple Computer, lots more...

Fun Fact: When I started, audio cassettes were cutting-edge “multi-media” for self-driven training.

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