The Compleat Laurie Sain


Dateline: Los Angeles. Post-WWII suburbia. A kid in a lower-class family lucky enough to be given an old, lame, schoolmaster horse that she loved.

A horse is 1,000 pounds with an opinion.  
If you think you control it, you are in trouble. You are never in control: the two of you are either in agreement, or in disagreement. 

The art of riding - and of life - is to get in agreement with the horse, and make it easy for the horse (or you) to do the right thing.

The biggest thing horses taught me is that horsemanship isn’t a thing or an event or a result:

it’s a process,

requiring a lot of patience and


I competed as a kid and an adult, training my own horses, teaching myself how to teach others. Learning how to communicate with the horse, to get in agreement with what I might want us to do. Just like many arenas in my life, including my art and my writing.

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