The Compleat Laurie Sain


It all began with a fire. True, I grew up among artists. But I focused on writing, until 2008, when a fire destroyed all of my writing work.

Painting taught me that the artist 
can’t just learn to manage media. 
She must also explore, 
and be curious. 

Which was all right - I was pretty done with creative writing. So I began the paint the one thing that held my interest long enough to paint: horses.

Itch, Laurie Sain, 2008

I had some early successes: accepted in prestigious shows; commissions; sales. And I loved painting. But did I want to  - or could I - do it as a living? Was that what I wanted: to paint pictures of horses?

I’m questioning that right now, as part of my re-invention of the Compleat Laurie Sain.

My fascination: composition. My inspiration: George Stubbs, 18th C horse painter.


George Stubbs


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