The Compleat Laurie Sain


Thanks to California’s then generous funding, a poor kid like me could afford a great school like U C Santa Cruz.

Philosophy taught me to write, because each word had to be weighed and understood. Logic taught me to think -- well, logically.

Playwriting: that was my ambition.

The self-drive UCSC cultivated led me to a life of self-learning, from horseback riding, dressage, art, computer software, and even my eventual profession: instructional design.

Self-learning can get you far, but it has a limit. It encouraged me to be a loner - something I’m looking to change. I’m ready to collaborate - I’m ready to explore the possible with others.

University of California 
Santa Cruz


B.A., Philosophy & Playwriting

Self-education has taught me that most things 
aren’t that difficult to do. 

A brain surgeon friend of mine says, 
“Even brain surgery isn’t brain surgery.”

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